Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I'm failing at this blog update thing

Development is going well so far. I've been too lazy to actually put together a full informative post so I think I'm just going to update with some quips of progress as I go, starting now.

 - Added a ton of new things since the last update...too many to try and list. A lot of learning how to program shaders, make good particle effects, adding sound effects, and implementing weapon pickups!

- Going to start posting some of my gameplay test streams every so often, I feel like I've already missed a lot of opportunity to capture videos of my earliest playable builds, it's fun to look back and see how much tangible progress you make over time!

- I'd been avoiding attempting to really use Unity's particle editor for months, but the time finally came where I needed some effects to make hit impacts feel better. Got some basic impact effects and other fun things happening. Been adding sounds as well as part of my "better impact feel" push

- Gearing up to submit my game to IGF in mid-October, and then launch a website for the game and try to spread some awareness....I have a lot of work to do!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

What is Combat Core?

Combat Core is a multiplayer arena fighting game I am developing using the Unity game engine. Most influence is definitely from an old Sega Dreamcast game named Power Stone.

Other games I've looked at for reference:

- Super Smash Bros.
- Shrek Superslam
- TMNT: Smash Up
- Rakugaki Showtime
- Naruto: Clash of Ninja Series

I compare it most to Powerstone because I am focusing mostly on directional control in a 3D space, rather than a 2D plane, and a focus on positioning and landing large attacks combined with combo strings, and using the environment and objects to your advantage.

What makes Combat Core different? 

Stylized, physics influenced combat - I am an animator by trade, but really enjoy the unpredictability that physics in a game can provide when combined with animation. Combat Core will utilize a lot of physics simulations for things like knockback and collisions combined with solid control of your player.

Cross-Platform, local and online multiplayer- might be a long shot, but I've been developing this to be playable with almost any setup including iOS/Android touch, gamepads, and keyboard/mouse on a PC. I'll be using the Photon Networking plugin for Unity to try to get players access to play online against anyone from any platform!

Character Editor- I'll reveal more details on this later, but this is something that seems to be seldomly explored in fighting games. I want players to be able to create their own characters, including attacks/move sets, body type/size, clothing/gear, and "personality" style animations.

I guess this would qualify as a "passion project" that I'm diving into, which is risky considering this would be my first attempt for a full game release. I've been slowing chipping away at the setting up the base mechanics for almost 2 years and started working on it full-time in July 2013. A lot of the base gameplay is nearing a very playable state at this point and I hope to have it released early next year.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Get the party started

Starting up my dev blog for Combat Core, a game I am working on using Unity. I will try to have a weekly updates, and document my progress throughout development.

More to come soon!