Thursday, August 1, 2013

What is Combat Core?

Combat Core is a multiplayer arena fighting game I am developing using the Unity game engine. Most influence is definitely from an old Sega Dreamcast game named Power Stone.

Other games I've looked at for reference:

- Super Smash Bros.
- Shrek Superslam
- TMNT: Smash Up
- Rakugaki Showtime
- Naruto: Clash of Ninja Series

I compare it most to Powerstone because I am focusing mostly on directional control in a 3D space, rather than a 2D plane, and a focus on positioning and landing large attacks combined with combo strings, and using the environment and objects to your advantage.

What makes Combat Core different? 

Stylized, physics influenced combat - I am an animator by trade, but really enjoy the unpredictability that physics in a game can provide when combined with animation. Combat Core will utilize a lot of physics simulations for things like knockback and collisions combined with solid control of your player.

Cross-Platform, local and online multiplayer- might be a long shot, but I've been developing this to be playable with almost any setup including iOS/Android touch, gamepads, and keyboard/mouse on a PC. I'll be using the Photon Networking plugin for Unity to try to get players access to play online against anyone from any platform!

Character Editor- I'll reveal more details on this later, but this is something that seems to be seldomly explored in fighting games. I want players to be able to create their own characters, including attacks/move sets, body type/size, clothing/gear, and "personality" style animations.

I guess this would qualify as a "passion project" that I'm diving into, which is risky considering this would be my first attempt for a full game release. I've been slowing chipping away at the setting up the base mechanics for almost 2 years and started working on it full-time in July 2013. A lot of the base gameplay is nearing a very playable state at this point and I hope to have it released early next year.

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